CHOP Video

It started out as SHOP, Senior Healthcare Outreach Program in 2001, 2002. And that was a return to house call services for inner city seniors and homebound patients.

As our community has evolved, so did our program and SHOP evolved into CHOP which stands for Community Healthcare Outreach Program. The focus being, not only the disparity in seniors, but even a greater disparity in healthcare outcomes and those with behavioral health problems. So what CHOP can do for a behavioral health care centers is provide primary care and preventative services on the ground, in your facility, five days a week.

Thus turning from a reactive to a proactive delivery system. Saving resources, saving lives and improving outcomes. CHOP is an excellent program because my tenants, who are unable to go out to the doctor, due to transportation, sometimes lack of family support, it brings health care right to their door.

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