“CHOP has provided life-changing and lifesaving medical care to our consumers, who, as a result of their mental illness, have been dramatically underserved in their primary healthcare needs. For the last two years, CHOP has served our Day Program, providing first-rate medical treatment to our consumers, with services that have made a dramatic difference in their lives. Their dedication speaks volumes about their character and understanding of the complex nature of public health and healthcare needs of individuals with mental illness.”
— Robert N. Davison, M.A., L.P.C.
Executive Director Mental Health Association of Essex County
(excerpt from letter)
“Please accept this letter of support for the services by CHOP in collaboration with the New Hope Now Community Development Corporation. …CHOP and its current initiative for providing quality outreach healthcare services and education within our community and congregation is greatly needed and fully supported by our congregation.”
— Francis J. Dixon, Executive Director
New Hope Now Community Development Corporation
“As pastor of Messiah Baptist Church of East Orange, New Jersey, I am grateful for the efforts provided by the CHOP staff to our church. Since its inception, CHOP has helped to inform and transform lives by addressing the 7 Health Pillars that affect our community. I have personally witnessed an improved quality of life from countless persons in our church and surrounding neighborhood, and it’s due, in part, to the vision and presence of CHOP in our church. It’s good to know that as we strive to promote healthy spiritual lives at Messiah, CHOP is helping to promote healthy physical lives.”
— Reverend Dana P. Owens
Pastor of Messiah Baptist Church, East Orange, New Jersey