In light of recently proposed ACO (Accountable Care Organization) models, basic and preventative health care integration may
become mandatory in behavioral health facilities.1
Isn't it time to bring integrated healthcare in?
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that can provide fully integrated primary care for your behavioral health facility.

The Community Healthcare Outreach Program (CHOP) is an evolution of the ground breaking work of the late Dr. Alfonse Salerno, founding member of the second generation, family-run Salerno Medical Associates in East Orange, New Jersey. Originally called SHOP (Senior Healthcare Outreach Program), it was launched in 2002 as a return to the traditional house-call program for urban community seniors by Dr. Salerno’s son, Dr. Alexander G Salerno. Since then it has become the longest running house-call program of its type the area. In 2015, Dr. Alexander G Salerno renamed the program CHOP and expanded its services to include the state’s mentally ill population, which has long been underserved by the community. CHOP is still committed to local seniors, but has added screenings, healthcare and chronic disease management to all populations in need, including those with psychiatric and other adult disorders.


By sending a team of experts to visit your facility on a regular basis, CHOP can provide early on-site treatment intervention of controllable and curable diseases like diabetes, cholesterol, high blood pressure, and cancer screenings. This can save patients from unnecessary disease and illness, and save the system unnecessary and costly hospital visits.


The CHOP model brings a level of service, expertise, procedures, and collaboration through a well-coordinated intradisciplinary medical team approach.

Our program is based on a team of specialized healthcare providers and administrators.


an adult internal medicine nurse practitioner with a focus on population health and chronic disease management

a medical assistant

a diabetic educator / dietician

a patient care navigator / coordinator

a social worker focusing on outcome-based medicine, guided by HEDIS quality measures

CHOP’s integrated collaborations are with specialists in the following fields of medicine:
cardiology, gastroenterology, hepatology, neurology, nutrition, pulmonology, sleep medicine, women’s health, pharmacology, and lab services.

Our services are patterned to reflect the concept of a PCMH (Patient-Centered Medical Home) program. In doing so, we integrate specialists and ancillary services only on an as-needed basis, on site, and integrated within the behavioral care center. The result is fewer time-consuming trips to the hospital or physician’s office, and more quality care and service for consumers. All in a setting more comfortable for your patients and their caretakers.

Recent Medical Management Association analysis shows that with the growth of value-based, coordinated care delivery, there is an increased need of ‘non-physician providers’ (NPPs). Report noted that practices with NPPs usually perform better financially, most likely because the NPPs improve access to providers and accommodate more patients.5


CHOP Support Team

CHOP’s support team is made up of dedicated members of Salerno Medical Associates. Their goal is to service the community to ensure everyone gets access to the healthcare they need and deserve.

Dr. Alexander G. Salerno


Bela Laschiver


Martha Hernandez
Medical Assistant
Nancy McDonald
Medical Assistant
Magdalena Perez
Medical Assistant

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If you’d like to learn more about bringing integrated healthcare into your facility and helping patients live better and longer lives, please contact us. We’d be happy to answer any questions you may have.


570 Park Avenue
East Orange, NJ 07018


    *Also the offices of Salerno Medical Associates 


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    CHOP Video

    It started out as SHOP, Senior Healthcare Outreach Program in 2001, 2002. And that was a return to house call services for inner city seniors and homebound patients.

    As our community has evolved, so did our program and SHOP evolved into CHOP which stands for Community Healthcare Outreach Program. The focus being, not only the disparity in seniors, but even a greater disparity in healthcare outcomes and those with behavioral health problems. So what CHOP can do for a behavioral health care centers is provide primary care and preventative services on the ground, in your facility, five days a week.

    Thus turning from a reactive to a proactive delivery system. Saving resources, saving lives and improving outcomes. CHOP is an excellent program because my tenants, who are unable to go out to the doctor, due to transportation, sometimes lack of family support, it brings health care right to their door.

    To find out more give us a call or visit us at or